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2017In media change the ten little trend of the future
CTRCCTV, research suggests,The current media ecosystem present pattern of the three pillars of basically:In order toCCTVThe traditional media represented by the advantage of high coverage and high credibility,In order toBATRepresented by the Internet media with high strong connection and interaction...【To check the details】
Loyalty  Mighty army ——Osmanthus worshipping 荘 army building90The anniversary
Loyalty of mighty army——Osmanthus 荘 tribute for army90Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA)90Glory days,Spectacular,Her experience in blood and fire、Life and death,And in the trials of the peacetime gradually grown into one of the world's most loyal、******Big...【To check the details】
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The company address(Luzhou):While luzhou, sichuan province longmatan du home street596Luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor) business school6On the second floor of the building
The company address(Chengdu):Chengdu city, sichuan province high-tech zone tianfu second street138Shudu center issue of building ii1803
The service hotline:4000-1199-68
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Service time:From Monday to Friday9:00--17:00
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