Lanxi river wine industry co., LTD is located in zhejiang lanxi zhuge qing town inkstone at the foot of the mountain,Is a collection of the combination of traditional crafts and modern science and technology production enterprise,Mainly engaged in liquor、Other wine、Preparation of wine、Yellow rice wine production and sales,The main products have clear ancient wine、Red kojic rice wine、Red kojic rice wine、Lotus seed wine、Mung bean wine、Buckwheat wine series of preserve one's health,Products sold throughout the country。

The location of picturesque scenery,The environment is exquisite,The local unique glutenite formation of danxia landform as a natural filter,Here spring clear and sweet is a natural brewing water。The enterprise covers an area of8000Square meters,Total assets2400Wan,Liquor production capacity of each year5000Tons······

Qing river culture

Qing ancient river has been famous since the spring and autumn period and the effect RMB。They judged the yuan Song Boren《Wine miniature schnauzer》In case of more than one hundred kinds of famous through the ages,It contains“Lanxi river wine”,Think the lanxi river wine。In the Ming dynasty famous writer chang hsuean in《Yi yao·River wine》In the said:“Lanxi river wine,Since the song dynasty have been famous,The first time for gansu hysteresis unhappy also。See Fan Chengda《Resorts luan record》Yi。”

Fan Chengda is the southern song dynasty famous pastoral poets、Traveler,There is《Resorts luan record》Such as travel diary type handed down from ancient times,Lanxi of the description of the wine。《Resorts luan record》Account:The southern song dynasty qian nonyl birth year(AD1172Years)12Month7 Day,Fan Chengda by capital in the book shed person as static jiang magistrate in guangxi。The following year1Month7Day,His boat through the lanxi,Live in chengjiang hotel at night。Fan Chengda grain alcohol,Everywhere,Will find the local wine tasting。Lanxi friend van Big is good,In the local famous river wine and hospitality。Crossed Fan Chengda drink wine,Feel pure heartily,Endless aftertaste。River wine not only found in notes、Travel, etc,Even the literary works have proclaimed。

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