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Shandong billiton blower co., LTD,Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales、Technical services for the integration of enterprises,Now is located in the provincial capital of shandong province“Springs”Jinan。Head office is located in“Fans of the township”Chapter grave,Covers an area of4Million square meters,The company registered capital of 3 $ten thousand yuan,Existing staff of more than hundred,The core technology...
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Three-blade roots blower3.0kwThe parameters,Rui Rio blower has for everyone.. Rui Rio blower to sort out today3.0kwSome of the parameters of three leaves roots blower,The following parameters for low pressure series:1、RTSR50Models34.3kpaThe traffic:2.2639.2kpaThe traffic:1.88 、2.0844.1kpaThe traffic:1.83 、2.03 、2.1849kpaThe traffic:1.53 、1.67 、1.81 、2.0153.9...

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