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For VAT tax credits in some special situations of processing method


(A)General VAT taxpayers(以下简称纳税人)Because of the residence、Change management place,In accordance with the relevant provisions,In the administrative department for industry and commerce for registration of change,But due to change the tax registration organ,Need for the cancellation of tax registration

Special invoices for value-added tax deal with common problems


A、Must strictly according to the taxpayers《The regulation about using and special invoices for value-added tax》Keep using invoices,In violation of provisions was stolen、Lost invoices of taxpayers,Must be strictly in accordance with the competent tax authority《Tax administration》And《Invoice directors

The lost income bill and has passed certification period whether punishment


The state administration of taxation about the theft、Lost the opinions of the processing of special invoices for value-added tax notice》(Of taxation〔1995〕292Number)Rules:3、Taxpayers after missing invoices,According to the prescribed procedures to the local competent tax authorities、The public security organs report it

About the issue VAT invoice system upgrade announcement billing software data interface specification


In order to further reduce the financial burden on the taxpayer,Optimize the tax service,The state administration of taxation decided to taxpayers to use VAT invoice system software upgrade to make out an invoice(Hereinafter referred to as the software upgrade to make out an invoice)Data interface specification to be issued,In order to meet the taxpayer

Deed tax whether can be deducted when calculating land value-added tax


A、According to the《The ministry of finance The state administration of taxation notice some specific problems about land value-added tax regulations》(The fiscal and taxation〔1995〕48Number)Rules:“11、Can on the deed tax already paid on the issue of tax deducted when turn for individual buying real estate again

Several common VAT preferential way


Accounting daily work to deal with the accounts of the enterprise,Also need to pay attention to the preferential tax strategy on a regular basis,Can be either cuts the cost of the company,Can also be used to bring more benefits。Let this small make up to introduce below:15A preferential tax strategy on a regular basis