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    The famous brand Industry reputationExperienced high credibility

    For many yearsExperience in r&d and manufacture of hydraulic lift platform,To go throughCESystem certificationGainsAAALevel certificationFactory ZhiXiaoShi,Save the intermediate links,High performance\/price ratio, and the same qualityProduct introduction of foreign advanced technology、Process,Product performance is stable。

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    All types of products Cover broad areasAll types covering a wide field

    Professional companyProduction sales:Imobile elevator、Aluminum alloy lift、Cargo-lifts、Mobile lift、Self-propelled lift platform、Mobile cllimbing trolley-Stationary dock leveler。

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    Spot supply brand hydraulic lift platform The delivery date is shortBrand Machine shelf short delivery time

    A lot ofThe spot inventory,The delivery date is short,Fast logistics system,After placing orders72Hours of delivery,Effectively solve the problem of supply and demand。

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    To provide cost-effective productsProvide the best value for money

    Realize the customer、Manufacturers、The companyMutual benefit and win-win resultsThe sustainable development of the model。

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    Professional selection Help customers find the right productIntimate customized services

    Can according to youSize of structure、MaterialsVarious parameters, such as to make accurate price of high quality products。Production has a problem the first time be effectively solved,TherebyImprove the production efficiency、Quality,Reduce the loss of production、The cost。

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    Regular maintenance Prolong the service life of the customer equipmentRegular maintenance support services

    Maintain equipment to the customer,Accuracy of recoveryAnd repair services,Restore and prolong the equipmentUsing performance、Life and can in the shortest possible time to recover the normal production,Reduce customer's fixed asset investment。

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    Perfect service system No trouble back at home of choose and buy equipmentThe integrity of the service system

    Customer service and pre-sale is established、Sale、After complementaryThree-dimensional service system,Effectively solve the follow-up products"Three guarantees"During the period of service not in time、The problem of poor service attitude to ensure customerA short time back to normalProduction。

Long ZhuLong Zhu service hotline
0531-84226800Online consultation
Choose Long Zhu product effect is good company

Choose Long Zhu product effect is good company

About lifting machinery industry companies,Then chose Long Zhu decided,The effect of the product is very good,Very good quality too,Also the door installation free of charge,The date of delivery...

Long Zhu elevator products of good quality,High cost performance

Long Zhu elevator products of good quality,High cost performance

In our company2013Get great development,Need a large number of elevators,We looked at a lot of manufacturers in the market,Later on,We chose the Long Zhu machinery,He...

Long Zhu quality elevator and intimate after-sales

Long Zhu quality elevator and intimate after-sales

We always keep a long-term cooperation relationship with your company,Thank you very much for your company to provide us with the quality of elevator and considerate after-sale。

Long Zhu product quality is stable,Durable,Trustworthy!

Long Zhu product quality is stable,Durable,Trustworthy!

Has been working with Long Zhu,Long Zhu mechanical equipment of high precision,Stable performance,After-sales service is also solved many problems for us,For a long time because of the quality of their products...

Long Zhu profile

      Jinan Long Zhu hydraulic machinery co., LTD. As a professional elevator manufacturers,Can be customized, wholesale mobile shear fork lifter,Stationary lift platform,Cellular cargo-lifts,Aluminum alloy type aerial work platform,Mobile cllimbing trolley,Stationary dock leveler,Electric self-propelled elevator products……

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For mobile lift the problems to solve
    The situation of the accidental always seems to happen,And in case of accident,We have is no use to complain about...

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