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 ZK4006BFour axis horizontal CNC deep
 DH1300T Three coordinate nc deep
 DH1300TBiaxial three coordinates numerical control
 XKR350CNC automatic triaxial right
 Numerical control automatic production line(Figure
 YZ150 U The working entities drill specially
 DH1300D BTABoring machine type
 YZ180 UDeep hole drilling entities
 ZHK30 - 6 Six-station CNC

Su juruena introduced nc machine tool co., LTD
Su juruena CNC machine tool co., LTD,The specialty is engaged in the numerical control machine tools、Numerical control special machine tool research and development of manufacturing。Has been working on nc founded at the beginning of the development and manufacture of special equipment,Specializing in the production of special CNC lathe series、Automatic processing production line series、Machine gun drill series、BTADeep hole plane series、Twist drill machine series、UDrilling machine series、Multi-station modular machine tool series of dozens of varieties such as numerical control equipment...

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